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Devon, England: In-Person One-Day Workshop


Image of Devon, England: In-Person One-Day Workshop

Come and join me for a workshop in beautiful Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon, England, where you will learn how to compose, capture, and edit beautiful, authentic, fine art photographs. We will be just 20 minutes away from Wistman's Wood/Dartmoor National Forest. If you have not yet googled photos of these locations, you must! They are the epitome of a mossy enchanted land of exceptional natural beauty. When I think of the perfect place to host a workshop, this is exactly what comes to mind.

*Four weeks prior to our start date I will host an online webinar discussing the “basics” that go into fine art photography. I will cover camera settings and how to achieve tack-sharp images while retaining a soft and dreamy quality. I will cover lens choice and why and when it is useful to use some lenses over others. I will also touch on successful branding and why it is important. I like to get this stuff out of the way before the workshop commences so that we can focus on the ‘good’ stuff once we arrive on location.

*We will meet early in the morning on the day of our workshop for a presentation. During our presentation, I will walk you through how to search out gorgeous light and how to make the most of seemingly drab locations, and how to troubleshoot locations with less-than optimal lighting conditions. I will discuss what I look for in locations and how I use them for both babies and children as well as how to create compelling compositions. I will teach you how to shoot in the hour before golden hour and make it work, as well as how to shoot during the last light of the evening. I will also cover how to create natural-looking storytelling images of babies and children and how to create images that portray emotion. I will also reveal how to use wardrobe to create harmonious compositions that aid in the narrative of your images. Finally, I will cover newborn photography outdoors, sleeping older babies, locations scouting and composition for babies and newborns, and safety.

*** Lunch

*I will follow this presentation by doing an in depth portfolio review of your top 2 images, discussing areas of strength in your images and aspects of your images that have room for improvement. I believe that constructive criticism is a vital component to progressing in any field. I offer CC at every step along the way in hopes that it will help you grow and create well thought-out images. My students have found this incredibly helpful for pushing their images to the next level. You will begin to see the world with new eyes, as you have never seen it before. :-)

*** Early dinner

*We will then meet for our shoot. We will cover how to photograph babies and children.. I will show you how I look for locations that are suitable for each age, and I will also show you how to work with children to capture authentic, emotive, storytelling images.

*I will finish the workshop by teaching you how to breathe life into your images and push them to the next level through hand-editing. :-D This is where we add the magic. We can cull our images together and then I will show you how I edit strictly by hand. You can either follow along by editing your image at the same time I do mine, or take notes.

This will be a very very full day. I encourage everyone to come well-rested and with a good breakfast in your tummies. I will provide lunch and dinner. :-)

The maximum class size will be 12 people.

This listing is non-refundable.