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Victoria B.C Workshop: 2021


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Baby and Child Workshop

It is back :-). It is no secret that I love it in Victoria. I have taught several workshops here and I always find myself wanting to come back and do it all again!

Come and join me for a two-day workshop in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia where you will learn how to compose, capture, and edit beautiful, authentic, fine art photographs.

* Four weeks prior to our start date I will host an online webinar discussing the “basics” that go into fine art photography. I will cover camera settings and how to achieve tack-sharp images while retaining a soft and dreamy quality. I will cover lens choice and why and when it is useful to use some lenses over others. I will also touch on successful branding and why it is important. I like to get this stuff out of the way before the workshop commences so that we can focus on the ‘good’ stuff once we arrive in Victoria. :-)

* The workshop will begin at 2:00 p.m. We will meet for a light lunch, followed by a 2-hour presentation. During our 2-hour presentation, I will walk you through how to search out gorgeous light and how to make the most of seemingly drab locations, and locations with less-than optimal lighting conditions. I will discuss what I look for in locations and how I use them for both babies and children as well as how to create compelling compositions.

* After our first presentation, we will head out to our first shoot to put some of what we have covered to practice. I will teach you how to shoot in the hour before golden hour and make it work, as well as how to shoot during the last light of the evening.

* We will then head back to our meeting area for dinner and another presentation. I will cover newborn photography outdoors, sleeping older babies, locations scouting and composition for babies and newborns, and safety. This will all be done in preparation for an early morning newborn shoot on Saturday.

* At 8:00 a.m the following day, we will meet for breakfast and prepare to be on location for our newborn shoot by 9:00 a.m. During our newborn shoot, we will walk through the woods and I will show you what I look for in locations and how to search out good light for little baby bundles. We will pose our newborn model in the woods and take turns spotting baby to keep him/her safe while shooting.

* We will then meet back at the accommodation for lunch. I will follow lunch with another presentation that covers how to create natural-looking storytelling images of babies and children and how to create images that portray emotion. I will also reveal how to use wardrobe to create harmonious compositions that aid in the narrative of your images.

* I will follow this presentation by doing an in depth portfolio review of your top three images, discussing areas of strength in your images and aspects of your images that have room for improvement. I believe that constructive criticism is a vital component to progressing in any field. I offer CC at every step along the way in hopes that it will help you grow and create well thought-out images.

* We will meet for our final shoot. We will cover how to photograph babies and small children and make the most of ordinary locations while doing so. We will then move on to older subjects. I will show you how I look for locations that are suitable for older children and adults while we photograph our last models of the evening.

* We will wrap up portfolio reviews after our shoot.

*Finally, I will finish the workshop by teaching you how to breathe life into your images and push them to the next level through hand-editing. We will meet for a 8:00 a.m breakfast once again and start our editing session at 9:00 a.m. We will wrap up the workshop at 11:30.

Please note that the schedule may change based on the weather or general shooting conditions outdoors. We may have to shuffle some things around. xo

My goal in teaching this workshop is that you all leave with the tools to compose the images that YOU dream of creating.


*** I will be providing yummy, heathy meals to keep you all energized throughout the weekend.

A $650 non-refundable retainer and a signed contract are required to book your seat. In the event that you need to cancel your participation in the workshop, you may sell your seat to an instructor approved participant IF you have paid for your seat in full. If you fail to make a payment by the scheduled dates outlined below, you will forfeit your seat.

You are required to fill out a workshop intake form and sign a workshop participation contract to participate in this workshop. You must sign and return this form and contract within 7 days of receipt or you will lose your deposit and registration in this workshop.

Please use your own e-mail to sign up for this workshop, not the e-mail of your spouse. I will be sending out important messages regarding the workshop and it is vital that you receive them.

Please ensure that you are familiar with layers and masks in photoshop and you can shoot in manual mode prior to the workshop.

Payment plans are available. To access the payment plan, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the payment plan option from the pull-down menu. :-)

The full list price is $1950 USD and is due by January 15th, 2019. The full list price is non-refundable.

By completing the transaction for this workshop, you are agreeing to these terms.

Payment Plan:

Retainer 1) $650: Required to book your seat
Retainer 2) $650: Due November 15th, 2020
Retainer 3) $650: Due January 15th, 2021

A minimum of 10 attendees are required for the workshop to take place. I will accept a maximum of 12.

Workshops are prohibited to those who mentor, host workshops, create actions, or sell photography videos, and those located within 500 kms of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Participants will be required to sign a 2-year non-compete contract. This means that you cannot teach photography-related workshops for two years after taking this workshop.